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Drone Services Meet WNC Construction Sites

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

It's without question that drone photography of construction sites has become a quickly evolving market. I was recently getting aerial photos of a construction site outside of Asheville and the site manager mentioned how excited he was to see the aerial shots. With the construction site being over 40 acres, it was difficult to picture (except on blueprints and still ground photos).

This is where aerial drone photography comes in. After receiving the images, the site manager was able to see the bigger picture of that particular site, while evaluating where things were progressing quickly and areas that might need more attention.

Aerial Photograph of WNC Construction Site - Skywalker Air

By having aerial still photographs and drone video, construction companies and investors are now able to plan, assess, and then reassess goals with minimal cost and without risking safety. It's especially helpful when getting updated drone footage at different stages of the sites construction.

Aerial Photograph of WNC Construction Site - Skywalker Air


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