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Sky Replacement for Real Estate

Updated: Feb 1

Being able to replace the sky in your real estate and advertising photos can be vital to the success of your marketing strategy.

Here's an example below:

This photo above was taken of a solar farm that we were hired to get aerial photos of.

Unfortunately, a photo of a solar farm with a dark cloudy overcast sky is hardly the image that you would want to use for marketing. We need to see the sun beaming down onto those panels to get an effective "Solar - Panel" connection.

With some editing, we can effectively change the sky into one that does just that. Adding sunrays and warming the photo up so that you can feel the sun in this photo makes a big difference.

Here's another example from a construction site location:

This photo was taken from a site where the weather just wasn't being nice and the client needed the aerial photos ASAP. Utilizing our software and some creativity, we are able to completely flip the landscape.

Unless you are a photographer that has time to wait for the perfect weather and be at the location at the perfect moment, it's challenging to get the really dramatic images that your client needs.

Skywalker Air has a large library of different skies available, that we've been building for a while now. Reach out to us if you have any needs, regarding aerial photography and sky replacement.



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