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Why Drone Photography Sells Asheville Real Estate:

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Aerial photo of downtown Asheville.
Asheville North Carolina Drone Photograph.

As a licensed commercial drone operator here in Asheville, I've seen first hand the differences in excitement when someone sees a home for the first time with aerial photographs or video versus a standard ground still photograph. While both are just as equally important, aerial drone photography produces a whole new level of information to the buyer, homeowner, and real estate broker. It's a completely different way of seeing the home, the neighborhood, as well as other surrounding interests. With the right aerial drone pilot, framing is always key.

If you rewind the clock back about 10 years ago, the only way you could get aerial photographs would be from helicopters. That meant you were paying a helicopter pilot as well as a photographer to capture that special aerial view. The problem was that the expense involved was never justified for general real estate photography clientele. Fast forward to today - homeowners and real estate brokers are able to capture that same aerial view, for a fraction of the cost from a decade ago.

Asheville real estate prices have been utterly fascinating to watch. As a homeowner in South Asheville, my wife and I have seen the value of our house almost double in the last 5 years. With the impact of COVID on the Real Estate market, people are less likely to jump into an Open House or even venture out as much as they once did to preview a property. My neighbor here in South Asheville recently sold their home in under 24 hours to a wonderful couple from Colorado. It was a sight unseen purchase and he told me it was "without a doubt the drone photos and video that sold the property."

Drone photograph of Home in Asheville by Skywalker Air.
Asheville Real Estate Aerial Photography

Real Estate in Asheville (or anywhere) is focused on capturing the imagination of the buyer of what a property either is or could become. We live in a new age where information is key. The more information we have available, the more likely we are to understand the value.

If you buy anything from Amazon, you'll understand what I'm talking about. It's all about availability, convenience of shopping, and those reviews. If you think of the Asheville Real Estate market, buyers now have this method of informative shopping ingrained.

Aerial drone photography in Asheville is a cost effective way to showcase what your real estate company has to offer for the seller - and what your seller has to offer to the buyer.


Joel Goffin

Asheville's Aerial Video and Photography Company


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